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Andrea Girardi


E-mail: andrea.girardi@gmail.com

WWW: http://www.giandrea.com

Phone: no

Fax: no

Mobile: +39 393 5436423


Professional:  SIP Express Router :: Mediatrix ::

Documents available:   SIP RFC 3261

Oracle: otn.oracle.com :: Oracle-Base.com

OpenSource Project: BioJava

I'm responsible in a company in Verona for technological development. I'm working with Java and XML for a bio-informatic project and with Oracle and PHP for storing email from qmail into an Oracle database.

I was graduated at the MM.FF.NN. faculty of University of Verona.

Last modification: Thu Jun 23 14:33:28 CEST 2005

Download Source Code

PL/SQL Oracle


Function to insert a BLOB into a table from a file

PL/SQL Oracle
Function to insert a CLOB into a table from a file
PHP viewCLOB.php Script to read a CLOB from a DB and put it on HTML page